Owing to its fine reputation as a tourist destination among world travelers, large pockets of Spain have been grabbed by resort developers; so wherever tourists go, they’re bound to stumble upon tourist areas teeming with humanity. Somewhere in beautiful Mallorca, however, are tiny enclaves that remain untouched by large-scale development efforts, hence they’ve managed to preserve much of the Old World charm.

Attractions in Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa is about an hour and a half drive from  Palma, located in the north west region of the Island. Puerto Pollensa is rich in history with  some of its narrow streets have ben preserved since the 18th  century, accented by the Roman bridge that goes over a stream. This and many other relics lure the curious and adventurous into Puerto Pollensa.

Not to mention the lighthouse in Cap Formentor, ancient burial caves, market day in Arta, the sacred site of Lluc, and the magnificent Sierra de Tramuntana serving as an inspiring backdrop for artists and craftsmen.

Apart from the vestiges of history, Puerto Pollensa is a town of contrasts. The visitor smiles at the impressive line up of luxury yachts that dot the port, standing proudly in contrast to the local fishing boats which, unfortunately, are diminishing in number. Speaking of another curious contrast, there’s a Burger King that set up shop in town attracting hordes of beachcombers who would rather eat fast than dine in the town’s very high class seafood restaurants, patronized mostly by couples and families with little children.

There’s plenty of activity especially during the summer months, but nothing of the tourist frenzy that other parts of Spain are known for. By the end of October, one can say the town “goes to sleep” although this raises doubts because it is about the time of the year when middle-aged couples, especially from Britain, come to extend their merry holidays.

A word of caution: if you’re a first time visitor to Puerto Pollensa and looking for glitzy and frenetic hard rock entertainment, you may want to look elsewhere. This town thrives happily in tranquility and leisurely, unhurried walks. Most of the entertainment is hotel-based so loud music and the usual noise levels of typical beach towns are minimized.

But for sport enthusiasts, they couldn’t have picked a better spot: there are tennis courts everywhere, walking and hiking trails (try Calvario), golf, swimming (of course), volleyball, cycling and fishing and boating. Don’t go too deep into the mountains without a guide, however.
Puerto Pollensa Accommodations and Car Rentals

Despite its low-profile character, accommodation is as varied as tourists want them to be. A significant number of past visitors have generally rated hotels and villas as “excellent, with friendly and courteous staff.” The traveler can choose from hotels, apartments (one, two and three bedroom units), aparthotels, and for those who can afford the price of utmost privacy, villas are the way to go – sprawling properties with large, inviting pools.

If you’re landing in Palma de Mallorca International Airport, this is probably the best place to hunt around for cars – most of the well-known rental companies are represented. Also, if you’re traveling in high season (July to September), you may want to book ahead as there’s a chance you may not get the car you want. Gas up and explore the town. Some tourists have vowed to come back for more. It’s not hard to see why…

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