The beautiful beach of Playa de Palma is found on the east side of Palma de Mallorca, and is an astonishing 6km long. It lies on the south coast between the resorts of Can Pastilla in the west and Arenal in the east. Along the beach are areas called ‘Balnearios’, which are places where you can find small kiosks, snack bars and showers. Playa de Palma lies between numbers one and thirteen. The beach has a very long promenade which is perfect for long strolls.

Playa de Palma is extremely busy in the summer, and is very lively, directing its energies to those who like a holiday which concentrates on clubbing, entertainment and the beach, which isn’t perhaps what you may look for on a quiet break or family holiday. It would probably be better to visit at the beginning or end of the season for those. It also concentrates heavily on catering for German visitors, with many German restaurants and bars. You’ll find a few British bars, but not many. At either end of the resort, you’ll find the Manchester bar and the Liverpool bar. Between ‘Balnearios’ two and three there are a few Dutch bars.

As a fairly urban area, Playa de Palma has all the facilities and services you would expect, from beach cleaning to lifeguards and tourist information offices.

You may be surprised to know, if you associate cycling with Amsterdam, Oxford or York, that Mallorca is a destination for those who enjoy this pastime. It is thought that 40,000 cyclists come here every year, and as Playa de Palma has very little traffic, the road along the sea front is always busy with bicycles. In fact, it’s a great idea to hire a bike and explore the area.

If you fancy something a little less energetic, catch the road train which runs from Can Pastilla to Arenal and back again.

Accommodation in Playa de Palma is plentiful as you might expect, with up to 300 large hotels, but in the summer it can be difficult to find accommodation. Most people come here on package holidays, so if you are an independent traveller, you may have to go a distance from the sea front to find somewhere to stay in the less salubrious areas.

As you would expect, there is lots to do here, though mainly beach based. Kite surfing is a popular activity. There is also a tour bus, which will take you around the local sites.

Further afield, a trip to Arenal can be made by the inexpensive local bus service. It is more Spanish and has a small beach and marina with great views. The waterpark, Agua City, is nearby.

You can also visit the fantastic Palma Aquarium in Palma, also easily reached by local bus.

If you do your research beforehand on the best time of year to come here, you’ll have a wonderful holiday!