Palma Airport

Palma Airport is the third busiest airport in Spain. The airport is large, with four main boarding areas off the main terminal building, so large that they are practically terminals in themselves.  This allows for the heavy passenger traffic using the airport all year round. Although being very busy throughout the year, it actually becomes the busiest in Spain for a short time.

The Balearic Islands, of which Majorca is one, become more and more popular every year. This isn’t surprising, as it has a pleasant climate (although hot in the summer), beautiful beaches, a fascinating history, and all kinds of entertainment. This is why the number of visitors has grown from less than half a million tourists sixty years ago, to over 20 million in 2008.  Palma Airport has made every effort to cater for the numbers of visitors it attracts, with extra boarding areas being recently added. Even more are planned, so that the airport can facilitate visitor numbers of 38 million by 2015.

Travelling from the UK is simple and direct, with flights leaving from many different airports. Flights can be booked independently with both traditional and ‘no frills’ flights. This involves booking hotels and transfers separately, too. Many people, however, still prefer the straightforward, convenient and traditional package holiday, which includes flights, hotels and transfers, and often all meals.

The airport is convenient for all areas of the island, as well as being only eight kilometres from Palma itself, and taxis are easily hired at the airport. It is also possible to book transport on a shuttle bus too. However, remember that taxis only take four people, so if you are a large group or have sports equipment with you, it may be better to book a private transfer. This can often be less expensive than a taxi.

Whether you are leaving or arriving at the airport, the facilities are excellent, with lounges, gift shops, bars and other services. There is a bank too, and convenient ATMs. For any medical supplies, there is a pharmacy too.

Palma Airport is well planned and easy to negotiate, which is one thing less to worry about when planning your holiday. All you have to concentrate on is having a good time!