Manacor, on the east coast of the Balearic island of Majorca, is the third largest municipality and the agricultural center of this region. The name manacor means hand on heart, which is the emblem of the city a hand holding a heart.

Charming houses, towers and remains of old windmills reveal much about the past of the city. About 20 percent of the Manacor area is covered with forest whch are mainly pine. Manacor has some attractions visitd and admired by tourists. They include the prehistoric settlement Hospitalet Vell, which is on the road from Manacor to Calles de Mallorca. It is in this settlement is a talayotic. One of the peculiarities of this settlement is part of talaiot, a tower with a square base, have been preserved by the addition of the Mediterranean and the roof pillars and large slabs of a rectangular enclosure. Read more: Manacor Majorca