Situated in Spain, very close to the capital of Majorca Palma, is a tiny yet exceptionally attractive resort called illetas. Just 10kms away from the Son Sant Joan International Airport, the transfer is almost instant. Both buses and taxis ply from the airport to the resort. Traffic can sometimes be heavy at peak hours which may take longer to navigate, but usually you would be in town in maximum 15 minutes.

Illetas is hot favourite of the German tourists and yet undiscovered by the UK and USA tourists. The city has a very good system of transport and is therefore very convenient to use it for shopping and sightseeing.

A holiday to illetas can be expensive with the lowest accommodation available being four stars and all the amenities match those standards. It is a resort for tourist that want that little bit more luxury and concentrates in promoting it as a cultural and family vacation spot deeply contrasting it with the neighboring resorts of Palma Nova and Magaluf where the attraction is the most colorful night life. You find here all the trappings of the rich, fast cars and exceptional cuisine, good accommodation and aristocratic cafeterias. Unless you are rolling into money, beware that this resort will put a big dent in your wallet But like they say you get what you pay for.

Very close to the resort and very much matching with its image, is the Puerto Portals Marina which proudly harbors some the most expensive pleasure yachts in Spain. This adds to the high profile of the area.

Many people who visited this resort compare it with Monte Carlo. So be prepared to be totally spoiled by this tiny but exceptionally luxurious resort. To compare these two cities may not be too accurate, but it is sufficient to create the necessary vision and feel in the mind of the reader as to what type of vacation it would be if you went to illetas.

Other than the beaches and the beautiful curio shops that pepper the place, there is not much to really see in this place. For night attraction one has to visit the close by resorts which are very convenient. If you have children with you, there are superb child sitting arrangements so you can very happily and comfortably drive down to either of the neighboring resorts and enjoy the night life till the small hours in the morning. The children would definitely be in good hands till you return to your hotel.

There is a lot of fun on the beach, good souvenir shops all along the beaches and in the town, and there is the opportunity to really feel like a millionaire (it surely costs as much). So, if your are looking for a place who has both tranquility and totally wild entertainment side by side, where you feel like a king (or queen), come to illetas. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

However, this is not a place for those who have a planned budget. It will horrify the normal tourist when they see the price list at any hotel, be it for food or accommodation. As I said previously, this is a luxury spot. Come here only if you have the heart and money to spend lavishly.