Eating OutA holiday in Mallorca means many things; lovely weather, beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, and fantastic food. The influx of visitors from all over the world over the last sixty years, combined with Mallorca’s colourful history, ensures a rich and varied cuisine. Mallorca caters for all kinds of traveller, from those with simple tastes to those with more sophisticated palates, and has restaurants to rival the best in the world. Travellers go to Mallorca for the great beaches and hotels, and the island’s restaurateurs make sure that their dining experiences measure up. The cuisines of many nationalities are available in Mallorca, together with the local style of cooking, which often includes walnuts, olives, and almonds, as well as Ramallets, the local variety of tomato. Two to try are a vegetable dish known as Tumbet, prepared with local produce, and Fideua, a kind of paella which is made with noodles rather than rice. As would be expected, Mallorca, being an island, has its own unique dishes of fish and other seafood.

Many of the restaurants on the island are run by people from other parts of the world, and therefore reflect their own traditions and cuisine. Most of the tourists who travelled to Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands are, and continue to be, from Europe, and this has encouraged the setting up of restaurants and businesses to suit the particular needs and tastes of these visitors. French, German, Catalan, Greek and Italian food are common in restaurants, and are often as good as any served in their native countries, because skilled chefs from those countries are employed to produce the dishes.

Apart from the wonderful food, people are attracted to these restaurants by the fantastic Mediterranean views. Restaurant owners capitalise on the beautiful scenery to tempt diners in. After all who could resist having a lovely meal while looking at Puig Major, the highest peak on Mallorca? You can dine completely in the open air too, at one of the many bars and grills. How about a cocktail and a seafood meal, while looking at a great sea view?

Mallorca has a long wine growing tradition, and no doubt you will want to try some of the local wines; a fitting accompaniment to the tasty food. You will enjoy the local cuisine, prepared with local produce, but will soon appreciate that the history and culture of the island has had a profound effect on the food, suffusing it with different flavours and textures. There is one thing for sure; you’ll always have a great choice of food, and have a marvellous time trying the different cuisines.