Adventurous guests may wend their way through scenic coastal paths to view the setting sun or to spend hours lazily absorbing the sun’s rays and Mediterranean ambiance. For those that desire quicker access between hotel and beach there is the Calas Express that runs between the resort and the beach on a regular basis which increases the level of usability for guests with young children or those who may find it difficult to walk great distances.

There are three coves that are especially attractive to guests of Cala de Mallorca and they include Cala Domingos Petis, Cala Antena and Cala Domingos Grans. These coves feature all the beach amenities guests are accustomed to including various water sports. Swimming is available for those who can swim well; however, strong undercurrents make ocean swimming a bit tricky for both ends of the age spectrum as well as most casual swimmers.
Mobility Issues

Because Cala de Mallorca is a highly visited resort it should be noted that the trip from the airport to this island community can take more than two hours and you may be better served with a car hire instead of either taxi or the islands public transportation system. Public transportation in Cala de Mallorca is often filled to capacity and is usually unable to abide by schedules due to traffic congestion and other related issues.

Like most resorts in Majorca, Cala de Mallorca lends itself to pedestrian traffic. While motorized transit is available, many guests find it easier to maneuver their way around the community on foot.
Market Day

The town of Felanix is nearby and is a much sought after source for native arts and crafts including Mediterranean pottery. The Sunday morning market in Felanix is considered one of the island’s best markets.

For those that expect evening entertainment, you will not be disappointed. Although it should be noted that most planned entertainment is typically found in the resort hotels. Special all day activities may be a part of the planning of many hotels, be sure to check to see what is available. Additional night spots and local shopping can be found in the Centro Commercial District of Cala de Mallorca.
The Best Time to Visit

The tourist trade is most prominent from May-October, but for a select few, a winter visit to Cala de Mallorca is a wondrous retreat from the everyday primarily due to the regular sunshine and nearly vacant beaches. Warmer clothing and a jacket is recommended in winter. A trip to Cala de Mallorca in winter may provide a more authentic experience in both local culture and the resorts incredible beauty.
Come See Us

A visit to the island of Mallorca is always a delight, if you’ve never experienced the stress relief found in Cala de Mallorca you might consider this as a perfect spot for your next visit to the Mediterranean.