Once you arrive at the airport in Spain, and take a quick 15-minute ride from the airport to the beautiful resort area of Palma Nova, you immediately find that you are in one of the largest and most populated parts of the island of Mallorca. Along with the resort area of Magaluf, these areas are well known for their fair weather and long white beaches, which is largely the center of attraction for the area.

Palma Nova has three beaches and it is a little quieter than Magaluf – which may make it the choice of families. These beaches offer just about anything that you could want in the way of water sports. There are various boat trips, as well as a unique glass-sided submarine called Nemo, in which children can go free on Tuesdays. There is also the Wester Water Park nearby, which has water slides and things for everyone to enjoy.
Activities in Palma

The many resorts offer just about any kind of activity that you can imagine in the way of activities. There are plenty of golf courses, tennis and bowling, go-carting, and biking. Besides having pools for adults and children, some of the resorts also offer things like archery, carbine shooting, table tennis, and more. Lessons can be obtained for Spanish, and dancing, too – depending on the time of the year.

What fun would it be if some culture were not also enjoyed? Nearby are the towns of Palma, and the older towns of Andraitx and Calvia. These quaint little Spanish towns are worth seeing, and bringing your camera. There is also a hiking trail from the town of Alaro that winds upward toward castle ruins on the top, where there is also a place to get some refreshment – a restaurant and a bar. Once there, you will be able to enjoy looking at a 15th century castle and chapel, and a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside – being able to see all the way to Palma. The whole trip will take you about two hours.
Eating and Drinking in Palma

There are plenty of options for food – with the restaurants serving up many international foods because of the tourists that are drawn there from all over the world. And if one of these does not suit your taste, and you get a little homesick, then there are always the favorite fast food places like Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Wimpy’s.

And then there are the night activities on Palma Nova. The beaches are kept clean largely because they do not allow drinking alcohol on them. There are, however, a lot of places to go if you like the nightlife. Both Magulaf and Palma Nova have their night spot attractions, but the bigger one is Magulaf – which attracts many younger Brits every year. While Palma Nova only has one disco, many more can be found in Magulaf.